Hello gentlemen. For starters I am new to this site and love it.

My question is two parts, but should be simple to answer.

First…..What should a quote look like?

Particularly, I plan to have all of my duct work replaced with a correctly engineered duct system. So I want to have a selection of professionals come out and provide me a quote for the work. How will I be able to tell from their submissions which vendor has done all the correct calculations and design work and if his math is correct?

Second….once a vendor is selected and work is in-process/completed…..How will I be able to tell that the installers work meets the intent of the quote/design?

I hope this question is not too vague, but it is what I am asking myself at the beginning of this venture.

Please feel free to ask question or probe concerning the project.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.