Good morning friends of the forum.
I have a problem with a Carrier chiller ComfortLink 30GTN040 208v/3ph/60Hz FREON 22. Displays the alarm code A207 (Cooler Freeze Protection). Probable cause: Faulty thermistor T1 (Leaving fluid temperature) or T2 (Entering fluid temperature).
I replace with new T1/T2 thermistors thermistors but continued failure and code A207 is displayed again. Thus the EWT value displayed on the screen is -24 degrees F. I take reading in the MBB and the voltage drop between pins is 1.68vdc which corresponds to 71 degrees F according to the table in the equipment manual.
Why does the displayed value does not match at all with the readings taken with the voltmeter vdc?.
It may be that there is a problem in software or hardware or there will be some programmable parameter or option to be changed?
This chiller conditioning the emergency unit of a hospital.
Please I need urgent help.
Thanks for your help

Sorry for my English.
I translating by Google Traslator.
from Venezuela