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    Tube with hole for backflow prevention?

    I am looking for a tube that has a hole for backflow prevention to use on the exterior of my house for piping water from the exterior condensation pvc pipe so that the water is deposited away from the foundation. I'd like to pipe the water and connect in with underground drain in my yard, but feel like I should probably have some type of backflow protection. On another home, I saw a rubber tube with a built-in plastic circle/opening running from the exterior pvc pipe that drips to a different location. But I have scoured the internet and cannot find anything like this. I guess I could buy a rubber house and just cut a hole, but can't imagine there isnt a product out there for this purpose. There must be others who dont want this to drip at the foundation of the home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Air gap is the highest form of backflow protection.......

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