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    Usage of Air Vent Return Filters with Air Purification System

    I recently had two Carrier Infinity Air Purification systems (Model # GAPAAXCC1625) installed in my 2 story home. My question is whether I should continue using Air Vent Return filters throughout my home or if I should remove the filters and discontinue their use.

    I've been getting conflicting answers from my Carrier Dealer's Technicians. One said continue to use them, one said no because it would put extraneous pressure on the air purifiers, and a third tech said it didn't matter whether I used them or not. I phoned Carrier's Customer Service Department, but they referred my back to my Dealer.

    Thought I'd pose my question to the Forum Members & Pro's of HVAC-Talk.

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    The air purifiers are supposed to be merv 15 and should be able to provide you with great indoor air quality and the 1 inch vent filters would effectively keep the cats and dogs out of your ductwork so its not nessesary to continue to buy prefilters the air purifier will work best without them

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