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Thread: lost in LA!

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    Jun 2006
    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!
    man this sucks!
    is all i gotta say!
    Big disappointment, i had a closer offer to where I am, so i flew to Los Angeles, CA
    to meet a guy face to face, quoted,
    now he wants me to fly back to fill out his paper work, off the internet, then he was going to pay half and didnt of the flight, and the motel, expenses incurred, ,,,
    he could of did this over the net and or , thre to four phone conversations, he made me wait two days just to meet with him,,,
    im still learning, everyday!
    what a way to learn,,,
    im going home today, and will start cold calling and applying,,,I am relocating, cause vegas is not where, i want to live!
    and hopefully, God willing, i will find something!
    youre not alone Market tech!
    I bet things are somewhat better for you!
    20 techs this guy said, then its service mgr and three techs, what a bunch a lies, once again!
    but its okay for a few cheesy contractors to do this to techs , but its bad if a tech wrongs them, they never stop to tell, when they got treated unfair or cheated by a tech!
    Mep out of work, is more like it!

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    Jan 2006
    Bryant AR.
    Wondered why you haven't been chatting on the site.
    After finding out our second born was also a boy, my wife asked "why are you sooooooo happy" to which I replied; "2 of those things are easier to keep up with than 20,000!"

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    Jun 2006
    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    I should of did a background check on this chump!

    no wonder why were at war with these people!
    they come here and get to cocky!
    I hope i didnt sound like a prejudiced person, they hate us all, including me, lol!
    anybody work for Zodiac hvac in LA before? lol
    I have to turn him into mepatwork, for false advertising!

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    What is wrong with Vegas? I've considered relocating there myself. Would that be a bad move, and why?

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    If you're wanting to get out of Vegas, why don't you move down to Phoenix. You're not that far from there and acbyj208 is always looking to hire.

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    Jun 2006
    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    bruce baby!

    Vegas is hot can you stand the dry heat? 137 degree roof tops, handeling hot tools so hot they cook your hand?
    the traffick is getting worse as the californians move in. by the dozens, and the gangs from there too!
    its getting crazy here, and tits hot, for entertainment and a 24 hr town it cant be beat, and theres endless opps for the right guy!
    but Vegas is not right for me, i lived here for 14 years before then moved away then returned,,
    it went through alot of changes!
    it took me a year to find a good company and or job and get known, i got a 90k job offer
    but had some personal problems, marriage etc, it got worse, and now i, had enough, it was just personal for me, you would do just fine!
    Im not good enough for arizona best yogurt or az'sbestbjbyKevincompany

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    isitfixedyet , you're kind of the opposite of me, i'm from LA and i moved to Vegas.

    i used to work security and i always thought those companies were immature,

    i thought that when i got into AC i would be dealing with people who have more money and are more professional ,

    but alot of these AC companies are run by little kids.

    Vegas AC seems kind of dead right now.

    keep checking the (internet) ads because new stuff pops up all the time.

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