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    I too have seen that problem with a Hos board. And was able to confirm no power to cc, pump running, lls open hg closed and all the correct leds lit. I actualy chased that problem for a while before it showed. Low ice production, The machine would do fine while I was there.
    If the board looses power when power is restored it will chirp.

    If you find a board doing strange things check the solinoid coils.
    Found one that after I reset it, it would not bring on the cond fan after the first harvest. Hos tech steered me to the hg valve coil problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdshea View Post
    Unit starts and operates properly, then randomly the board will cut power to the contactor, and re-apply power 1-30 seconds later. LED 1 still claims the compressor should have power. Slap the side of the unit and the compressor comes back on. I think it's just the relay on the board, but obviously i'll just replace the whole board.

    What do ya'll think?

    P.S. i checked output to the contactor with my volt meter, and voltage was zero.
    Had this happen to me on a km800 before and it ended up bieng the Hi pressure cut out switch was shutting things down and once the pressures resided the unit would fire back up.

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