A contractor I'm considering is giving 10 yr parts and 5 years labor... Everyone else gives 1 year on labor (except Carrier, who was outrageous with their quote). This Contractor is a bit more expensive, so maybe that's built into the price... but he seems reasonable. This same Contractor is offering to extend that 5 yr labor to 10 yrs for XXX dollars, which in comparison to my PSE&G worry-free is a good deal. I know some of my questions are specific a given installer's business... I'm just looking for opinions of other professionals...

- Is an Extended Labor Warranty the same as an Annual Maintenance Agreement? If not, what is the difference?

- Is an Extended Labor Warranty the same as my NJ PSE&G Worry Free Contract? If not, what's the difference?

- Contractor says that with the Labor Warranty, I can cancel my PSE&G Worry Free... would you agree?

- Is it true that only an authorized Trane, Lennox, etc dealer can order parts under warranty?

- Contractor guarantees a tech will be on site within 24hrs, except on Holidays which will incur a service
charge... Is this an industry standard to surcharge warranty service when done on a Holiday?

- When a service call is made with a Parts and Labor warranty in effect, is the service call totally free, or are
there charges for incidentals like deductibles, mileage, tolls, etc...

- If a part is replaced, is that part also covered for the remainder of the warranty?

- Is the warranty truly 10 years, i.e., will they replace parts for the entire 10 years even if the cost of all
replaced parts exceeds the initial cost of the product?

- What is the Customer's recourse if a Contractor fails to execute their side of the Contract in good faith?

- Assuming that I don't do anything destructive to my A/C or Furnace, is their any obligation (ie, cost) on my
part to keep the warranty valid... ie do I have to spend $200 or more on a yearly inspection?

- As a general rule I view extended warranties as a waste of money, so I know this is a subjective question,
but is purchasing the Labor warranty for years 6 thru 10 a reasonable thing to do in these situations?

Thanks all... appreciate your time.