winter is coming and I need to get ready early. I do not like being cold. I purchased my home earlier this year it was built in 1960, and the WILLIAMSON furnace (model 1115-10-4) must be original to that year.

My problem is the furnace was retro fitted with an S86 spark unit that has now gone bad, most likely due to the heat from burner box. I am confidant that I can replace this myself, but I cannot help to wonder why not return the furnace to a stand alone pilot, as it was made.

I realize I would then need a new valve, and possibly a transformer. These are simple devices but I do not think I can make this change without help or advice if I tried.

So, good idea or bad? Seems to me getting rid of the pilot system would return to simple operation. I do plan on replacing the entire furnace ASAP but this may take me a season or two before I can afford it.
(tried to add pics)

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