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    The left has no real morals therefore they can't be accused of violating them. A man with morals who falls short and becomes a hyprocrite is far better than a liberal who can never be called a hyprocrite because he has no morals!

    We currently have a bunch of immoral liberals in government and in the media running the show and determining the outcome. Watch for one of the most rigged elections in the history of elections this fall.


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    Project Vote is old news,just ask Ritchie from Minnesota.
    You got "The Diaper Boy" elected but George Soros little SOS project did not fare too well in my home state.

    Thank-you Ruth Johnson for being so kind to Mark Brewer.

    So GA this gal has been talking to Michele,this should be great entertainment.

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    More on the story of your E-mail,very interesting.

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