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    I am way behind the curve when it comes to static pressure readings. I need to know the best instruments out there to read supply, return static pressure.

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    Dwyer Magnehelic

    My choice is the Dwyer Magnehelic. High quality with permenant and portable accessory kits. I use a 0 to 2inch WC model with the portable kit for service, and setup. Comes with portable mount, fittings, hose, and hard case.

    A great upsell opportunity with the permenant mount kits. For "seeing is believing" homeowners on when to change their filters. And for at a glance filter condition check for PM's or maintenance crews. People who will shell out big bucks on high seer equiptment, they will buy this option. It makes you, and your company look better too. On dirty coils calls show them the coil or pictures. Most would jump at a chance to reduce the chance of another service bill for the same thing by remote mount of the guage. It's a whole lot better than the "change filter" light on some thermostats.

    Spend less time chasing leads. Few other options offer "seeing is believing-showing is selling."and it is relatively quick. Show them their static pressure, then show them the manufacturers plate. It is a win-win for you, and the customer.If its not a PM call they were unhappy and looking for a solution when they called,(people don't go to a dentist for fun, and they don't call a service person for that reason either!) you can leave their home or business with knowing that you sold them something they needed.

    If you set-up the equiptment, and record the static at that time. It offers a quicker path to solving several airflow problems that may come in the future. Manufacturers also provide blower performance tables based on static that determine CFM and the max allowable.

    For information on how to use one. ACCESS Media has made at least a few for manufacturers. But to my knowledge, none come out and say static pressure on the title, but can be found in furnace, and air conditioner DVD's made by them.
    Hope this helps.
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    Here are a few of the instruments I use to measure static pressure.

    Magnehelic 0-1" scale has very good resolution.

    Digital Manometers, make sure to keep them in a very secure case of some type with padding.

    This one I like a lot because it will do static pressure, air velocity, dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point, RH% , & CFM to name a few as well as data log the information.

    It is a Velocicalc plus

    Lifer had some great advice on how to use static pressure, be sure & take note of it.
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    Smile Energy Conservatory

    The Energy Conservatory, maker of the Minneapolis Blower Door, makes very accurate digital pressure gauges. You can use them for blower door testing as well as all other low pressure measurements.

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    I've been using Dwyers for years. I carry a 0-2" and a 0-20)"w.c. gauges.

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