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    Solar load deflectors and air/water source condenser upgrade...OMG

    So I see these 3 condensers on a roof today, they are the 4 fan model of computer room units like a liebert or data aire....there's a garden watering hose underneath each of them, the kind with the holes in it so it sprays out at random...and there's tarps stretched horizontally about 6 feet or so above the fan discharge which is top discharge.

    I can't for the life of me understand why someone would put (Al + Cu + H2O + Dt) and not see trouble...maybe they went down to a boat shop and pinked up some bolt on zincs...

    I get a kick out of the solar load idea...with discharge temps what they are who gives a snoot if the jacket, which is not cooled by the airflow within as the coil is, was 150f...180f...

    I wish I could post a picture of it...but I wish to not further destroy what little relationship strings are left on that bridge.

    But I'm posting this here for us all to vote on how long till the coil becomes a rotting mess of the condensers at bob hopes old stomping grounds across the street from the Phoenix country club. They tried doing this with the chillers air cooled looked kinda like chicken soup, with blended aluminum can...

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    That's funny,I stopped by a gas station the other day and they had a small Lennox split with a step ladder along side,a water hose zip tied to ladder misting on condenser.the Finns were rotting on that side.all I could do is laugh as I walked by and Did a double take....

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