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Thread: My new SC56

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    So T, aside from the little bit you've gotten to play with it, what do you think?

    My wish list for Russell is to make an exterior pocket in the case for the long leads and to make a magnetic hanger strap like Fluke. Otherwise, very pleased and love it. BTW, since I carry a zippered Klein bag in my main bag, I can carry other leads, tips, pipe clamp, etc. in there. For instance, sometimes spade connectors can be so close you don't want to use bare probes within 1/8" of each other. In such a case, I attach insulated T&B solderless female terminals to short jumpers where I can attach me leads with ease and no shorts. I also keep a few female to male brass terminals to extend a male tab out a bit.

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    I think the meter is great. i feel like i use all the features all day long right now besides the microamps. nice solid meter. it does worry me a bit that it failed so soon. it still read accurate but no noise!

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