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Since I have to drill a well for domestic water use anyway, the difference between a "pump-and-dump" and a closed loop system is about $6,000.. I can pump a helluva lot of well water for $6,000!

I do acknowledge that it will cost more to pump 3 GPM from 75 ft. below the surface than it is to pump 3 GPM thru a loop that is essentially horizontal. But, with constant 56 degree water there are some efficiency advantages of the open loop system that will offset some of the extra pumping costs.

In our area, we are blessed with some very good aquifers.
To those who argue that it is not "green" to pump-and-dump, recognize that water dumped back into the adjacent river will find it's way back to the aquifer.
What are the chances of running a 75-foot deep well DRY at 12 GPM / 700 Gallons per hour / 7,000 Gallons per Day / 200,000 Gallons per month?
Who knows how many gallons a year or decade?

Although quite small, It can not just be assumed as negligible.
Very good aquifer tapped at 75 foot is not exactly equal to Infinite.
How many neighbors within a reasonable distance would be tapping the same source?