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    Just registered for HVAC classes!

    First off just would like to say hello to all the members of this site. I just registered for HVAC classes and will be start at the beginning of Sept. Very excited to be apart of this field and any advice for a noob would be appreciated.


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    Hi welcome to the forum umm well hvac is a good industry but be prepared to struggle to find work well at least thats how i see it, i graduated about a hear ago and only found one job and that was just recently and i lost it because apparently a seatbelt violation is really bad and messes up your whole driving record! Haha but when i first got out there the only thing i struggled with the most was the wiring, so you should pay close attention to that in school, and try to find a job while your attending school and make contacts with people that are actually out in the field and dont wait untill the last minuite like i did.

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    That's Great Joey. There's some things you'll learn in class that will help you in the field. I'm a Firm believer in School before starting into Hands On. Take notes, Pay Attention and Learn Everything you can in class.
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    I mentioned this in another thread and think its pretty important. No matter how good or bad the program is, sit at the front of the class, pay attention, get hands on with the labs (if any), and apply yourself. Grab the book as soon as you can and start flipping through it. Skim through some of the chapters to prepare yourself for whats to come. Work on the questions at the end of the chapter yourself even if those won't be used in class. The message here is: make the most out of it.

    Some guys will tell you its all about hands on and school won't carry you far and I beg to differ. I think both are essential to becoming a great technician and understanding how things work and why they need to be fixed vs simply doing it for 10+ years out of repetition with little to no understanding to it. Opinions differ on this subject and that's fine but, that's what helps me learn.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. The school i am attending is a combo of hands-on and book work. We have a lab with plenty of units/refrig and etc

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    Don't fall asleep in class!

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