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    Not to threadjack but are all tstats suited for both applications? I just worked on two different lab refrig's. Both had danfoss kp71/060L2010 controls. One had the bulb in the return air stream and one had it wedged in the coil.

    I suspect the one wedged in the coild might not be mounted as it was intended.

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    Coil sensing type. For reach in I agree. Expecially with high usage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDOLIN View Post
    As to coil or air thermostat, why not use both..........?
    Cuz nobody wants to PAY for two sensors or two controls....

    If your unit is $2 cheaper than the other guy's unit, you aren't getting the sale.

    Make 'em cheap, make 'em cheaper, make 'em cheapest. Screw serviceability, longevity and, quality, just keep the price down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDOLIN View Post
    Fan cycling can be done for a number of reasons, but primarily for energy savings. How much is saved in a small reach in is debatable but in walk-in coolers and freezers it can be significant.
    On the small ones the guys are talking about they run a larger than "normal" fan and the refrigeration has been down sized through the years.
    Turning them off puts less heat into the box. The big motor is a design problem now where it used to be a bennifit

    I've seen some mech tstats that have a nc no connection and they run a two speed motor on slow in the off cycle.
    Seems a lot better than turning them completely off if you don't have a smart box controler like a KE2
    I think it was Bally

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