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    I am one of the partners who bought the previous TVA buildings in Norris, TN (just north of Knoxville) to convert them into condominiums for local residents. One of the buildings was the TVA Natural Resources Building that housed a large computer data center. This center was self contained with a Halon fire suppression system, battery powered UPS, battery backup power source, and three air conditioning/heating units with humidity control. One of them is a Liebert SP Model FH138W-CSM, 208V, 3 phase, R-22 unit. The other two are Liskey-Aire Model DW-8, 208V, 3 phase, R-22 units with a chilled/heated water supply.

    In actuallity, these units are really in our way now that we are into the construction phase of the building and we do not want to throw them away because we know what they cost when new. If you are interested in these units, we will give them to you if you will just come pick them up.

    Also, if you are interested in any of the other pieces of equipment that I noted above, please let me know.

    Don Spellman
    ACS Quality Builders, Inc.
    phone - 574-7891
    cell - 310-8898

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    try contacting local trtaining centers such as the united association or sheetmetal workers, they might like to have those for training purposes and it can get you a healthy tax deduction if given to those types of organization. I have done this in the past.

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    i can come get them

    how can i contact you about them?

    mb r
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