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    First off, let me apologize if this question is posted in the wrong place, but it seems like you guys might be able to help. I'm a civilian, not an HVAC pro, and I work for the board of commissioners in a county in south Georgia. We are trying to budget for a new computer server facility and I need to have a really rough initial idea of how much a 20 ton air-conditioning unit would cost (this is the size our IT head says he needs.) I realize that there are numerous factors involved, but the number I need at this stage really just needs to be in the ballpark. I've heard $10,000 -- does this seem realistic? I appreciate your help very much. Thanks,


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    Quoting prices online is not allowed here. However if you think you will get a bonefide computer room unit in the 20 ton range installed for 10K your misinformed. It will be way more than that price. A guesstimate would be at least 3 to 4 times your budget price.

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    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I wasn't trying to get a quote, just trying to get a general idea of overall cost. And, as you pointed out, the number given to me is likely unrealistic. I'm pushing to get the bidding process started now rather than relying on a potentially very bad guess that will leave us hanging. Thanks a lot.

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    I have experience in facilities management and situations like yours. My advice would be rather than let your IT manager run it, get a company experienced in the type on installation you need and listen to them. Often the computer equipment supplier may have vendors they use and can reccomend. This is one area you do NOT want to have to redo.

    just my two cents.

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