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    Energy Meter Readings (pulses) to Johnson Control devices?

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to program energy/water demand pulse readings for an FX product?

    I just tried to search the specs of the FX16, but cannot find any pulse inputs. Granted, I could potentially use the DI (with a bit of custom program), but depending on the pulse frequency, this may not be the best way to do it.

    Has anyone been able to successfully read pulses with an FX product? The device I am currently trying to connect can reach up to 500 pulses/sec, which is way more than the capability of an FX16 (50Hz max). Is there a third party device that may be able to read the pulse, and convert to a current or voltage reading?

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    Is the FX 16 using Bacnet MS/TP, N2 or LON? If it's Bacnet you are in trouble as the FX 16 Bacnet has a firmware issue that hasn't been fixed (and probably won't at this point) that makes in to read a pulse. In FX Builder it's called an input counter. It's in the input list all the way at the bottom.

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    There is a device that will do an adjustable ratio. We have recently used one for the same situation you are talking about with a different controller. We set it up for a 50 to 1 ratio. It recives 50 pulses from the electric meter to every one it sends to the controller. I don't know what brand we used but a google search returned this.

    Here is a description from the web site.
    Pulse Converter GPC10K
    GPC10K can not only divide pulses but it can also multiply them. So the frequency at the
    output can be higher or lower than the input. The input is universal and can power the sensor
    while the output is high frequency isolated open drain. LCD display makes it very easy
    to enter the exact ratio between the input and the output in seconds. The ratio is stored in a
    non-volatile memory but can be changed at any time. In normal mode GPC10K shows accurately
    the input frequency with a very stable reading. It can be a very useful device when
    matching a high frequency turbine flow meter to a low frequency PLC input. It can also
    scale the pulse output of a flow computer or other pulse devices.
    universal pulse input for up to 10 kHz
    10 points ratio curve to linearize or change the input/output relation
    the input can power the sensor with 10 V / 10 mA
    programmable input/output ratio from 0.001 to 9999.999
    a single ratio or a ratio curve, programmable
    isolated open drain output for up to 10 kHz, 100V / 100mA
    reverse polarity protection on the output to 100 mA and high input protection
    works on 12 - 40 VDC, reverse polarity, transients and surge protected
    icons on the LCD to show the presence of input and output pulses
    the ratio factor and the curve menus can be locked
    It took actually learning something to realize how much I had to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Questionz View Post
    Is there a third party device that may be able to read the pulse, and convert to a current or voltage reading?
    There are integrated circuits that do frequency to voltage conversion.
    You need to find one that is boxed up for ease of use.

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