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    RMO License w/ Felony (NYC)

    Hey guys, so early this summer a friend of mine got a nice Local 94 Watch Engineer job in NYC. Hes been telling me all about it and said i should go to Turner School and take the test. Thing is i have a Felony, it was 7 years ago when i was 18 but its still on my record for another 4 years. It was not for a violent crime, it was Felony Possession of Controlled Substance.

    I have no college degree or HVAC experience, currently i am working at a construction company 2 days in the yard ( Operating equipment for Concrete recycling ) and 3 days inside handling Accounts Payable.

    Basically I want to know how the job market is right now for someone with an RMO license, are you limited to watch engineer? How to go about getting into the union? How strict are they on the background check / felony check?

    My friend's dad is a Chief in the city so i take his advice with a grain of salt, and would like a 3rd party and/or a more realistic view on this. The next set of classes start at end of Sept so although got some time it is fast approaching.

    Off-Topic--- Ideally i'd really like to get into Heavy Equipment Operating but the Local 825 here in NJ hasn't had any apprenticeships in over 3 years. Anyone happen to know a good forum or website for resources on getting into that?

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    No one in NYC area has any input ?

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    Often unions can get over a felony conviction, its employers that sometimes can't. But since you've been holding a legitimate job and your conviction was several years ago, it may not be a problem at all. It is very unlikely that a perspective employer won't run a background check. The best way to find out is to call the union directly and just ask.

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