I am looking for some advice. I have a heating and air conditioning unit that my family purchased in 2004 aproximately. They had the system professionally installed then later yanked out when we sold our property in 2005 and the house was going to be flattened for a housing development. Since that time, the system has been sitting in storage in my families other home in Northern California. Long story short, my step-father died and my mom would now like me to find out how much this equipment would be worth so that I can sell it to a licensed contractor or someone else in the HVAC industry on craigslist. I have tried looking up the system, but do not see it being sold anymore so I am not sure how much to post this unit for on craigslist, or if I call up a contractor. My main reason for coming here and asking you about it is so that my mom will have good advice for a price range cause we really do not have a clue about how much it is worth. Sure, it worked great, it was an awsome unit back in 2005, but it is 2012 now and this thing has just been sitting around in storage since June 2005. I don't want her to get taken by an unscrupulous person, and thought I could get an honest price range here for her. I am not looking to sell it to anyone here, I just need some advice on how to help my mom out the best I can with getting rid of this thing for what it is really worth. I just need a range, not specifics, you are not here to see the unit-just a low high would be helpful. Any assitance is appreciated. Thank you!