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    York Residential System Won't Turn On

    We have a York system in the basement of our one story home. It is only 5 years old. The error light is blinking a slow green, which according to the error light list on the inside means "normal operations".
    That said however, whatever temperature we set in the house on the thermostat, the air conditioning won't turn on.
    We've tried turning the breaker off and back on.
    We've looked to make sure that all wires are plugged in and switches are turned on.

    Now, today [I]I did replace the old condensate pump[I]. After I did so, that's when this problem started.
    Does anyone know what the problem may be? Could there be something that I accidentally touched, or turned off unintentionally while replacing the condensate pump?

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    Does the blower in your furnace come on?
    "I've got my Gas Mechanics license"
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    Yes you probably messed something up. Call a contractor before you tear something up

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