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    I have a 3 year old Bryant air handler model FA4CNF048 and serial number 2109A84797 that has a R22 TXV installed from the factory. My contractor says he will have to change the TXV to R410 and then extract the old R22 oil and then he will be able to install a new 4 ton 14 seer R410 condensing unit outside. He was not sure if he should replace the coil in the air handler or not. He says he will check with the factory. What suggestion do you have? My 12 year old compressor died the other day and needs to be replaced.
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    He can get a dry r22 outdoor unit and use same txv and coil. Unless you want 410a then best to change everything coil txv and line set ( copper connecting lines between indoor and outdoor)

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    I believe Bryant allows you to reuse their indoor coils(certain age range) when switching to R410A. Provided the metering device is changed out.
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    First i would want to know that the coil does not leak ,as it could have leaked out the refrigerant and causing the compressor to run hot and die. I would replace the whole unit that way you will get 14 seer ,i think the existing air handler was for 10 and 12 seer units so you wont get 14 seer anyway

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