As part of a large job, I need to integrate 14 domestic water pressure booster pumps with Emerson / Control Techniques (how many business names do those people need??) Commander SK VFDs into an LNS network. The network is complete and I have successfully put 3 of the drives on the network. If I connect any of the other drives, the network or a large part of it goes down. The problem occurs whether a drive is running or not, so I don't believe this is an EMI problem. The manufacturer's support people tried to be helpful, but are clueless about Lonworks and, of course, they haven't heard of the problem before. Does anyone have any experience with Lonworks cards on these drives? By the way, they don't even have a service pin on the damn things and two of them came through with no Neuron ID sticker. I can't say I'm impressed. The Danfoss drives with LON cards on the same job have been no problem at all.