Installed a walk in freezer last week and the customer has asked to make into a cooler instead. (Unit had been used in another location prior to this installation)

Ive had a few problems changing unit freezer over to cooler,

Found unit was pumping down due to a restriction at solenoid inlet (piece of rubber).
Removed restriction and opened valves after evac and then removed timer pins and wired evap fans so I wouldn't have a fan delay on start-up.

Run tested unit to see if it would shut off on thermostat A419 johnson controls.
When stat satisfied solenoid would start bouncing making a racket, removed wires from solenoid ohmed out, checked to ground it's fine electrically with full 240v during call for cooling. But once the thermostat was satisfied and closed it would bounce and rattle until i brought the temp down to call and open solenoid.

Ive opened solenoid a few times and flushed LL with nitro to clear any debris.

Im thinking maybe seat of the solenoid valve is gone and compressor is forcing liquid through a slighting opened seating of the valve.

Any ideas?