Hello, I'm new to the forum, hopefully I am posting this in the correct spot.

I don't know much about Heating and Air but I have some common sense and a multimeter so hopefully you guys can help me get my A/C working.

My a/c worked great up till a few months ago when it just decided to not even try to turn on. Thermostat shows its running, I eventually went under my house and pulled the panel of the heater unit, found a 5 amp car style fuse was blown. Replaced it and turned everything back on and it started working again. One week later no ac again. Fuse was blown, I stuck a 15 amp fuse in sense it was all i had at the time. Went in turned it on and it would blow air out of the vents but the a/c unit outside wasn't kicking on, I went outside and noticed that something was clicking (5 or 6 times within a few seconds then it would stop)
But I was home alone and I couldn't turn the ac on and run outside to see what exactly was clicking (i did get out there in time once and it sounded like it was from inside the unit, maybe from the compressor, but didn't seem like it was from contactor.)
So I turned it off waited till the next day went out and tried again and no nothing happens (no clicking, no air from vents) I figured the fuse popped again, Went under the house, pulled it, it was fine, stuck a 5 amp back in. I'm not getting the 24 volts to the contactor anymore. I'm afraid I may have fried something with the 15 amp fuse.

What do I do? Its supposed to be 107 - 110 the next few days and I cant afford to call someone out to look at it.

Its a Evcon unit, maybe 10 years old? I can get numbers if need be. (I have 240 volts to the ac unit, Should I jump the contactor my self and see it the unit runs? do the compressors have a relay or anything built in? The fan never came on when it was clicking, the fan gets power the same time the compressor does right? the capacitor also looks like its in good shape, I got 10-11 ohms across the contactor which I believe is normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.