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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to gather some information on the latest wireless communicating thermostats in order to decide if the technology is stable enough to use on larger installations.

    I'm having a hard time finding stuff online sine the technology is quite new and all.

    I've come across a website from a company in Quebec called viconics Inc. which manufactures some models of communicating thermostats, but I need more information on the technology ect.

    The only other website which has a forum on the subject is

    Does anyone here know of any other sources?



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    I have some friends who work for Trane they tried this technology out on a vvt system but found with many new commercial buildings the signal does not transfer well. Similar to the way you get lost cellular signals in some buildings. Seems like a lot of work to install something just to find it doesn't work. Or the possibilty of interference from other sources. But that's just my thoughts
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    I hear that Echelon has done extensive testing with wireless controls and they said the technology is not ready yet.

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    Wireless Thermostats

    I hear the same thing about the wireless technology, its not ready yet. Makes me wonder who will be the first one to come out with an actual working version of this?

    Has anyone actually tried this out in an installation, or has this only been tested in the labs?

    Ozman Commith

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    I have have pretty good luck with wireless t-stats, atleast the ones JCI makes. As long as the transmitter and the reciever are in the same room, I never had any problems. The one's I installed even monitered the battery power in the stat, I could even map it back to from front end to let the operators know they need to change the batteries. It has been a couple years since I have messed with them, but I honestly had no problems.

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    We've used the Totaline ones

    They do work in some small buildings. Sort of. Wasn't my choice.

    Just don't leave the batteries in the spare in your truck.

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    Wireless networks


    How common is it to have both transmitter and receiver in the same room? It doesn't sound very realistic to me?

    Has anyone had luck with this on a multi floor installation?


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    Did my first job for Excel controls which we bid (our company) for Hastings chain located in Sierra Vista, Az. Been back twice to relocate the Radio atenna. Haven't heard too much from Excel on issues but the store mgr told me they have had some problems. Since our company does not have the maintenance and service contract for there stores we do not know how it is working, but for what I heard we are going to be doing a lot more. Like anything else technology on the systems will get better for it seems wieless is the new step into the 21st century.

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    Inovonics makes the wireless stats for JCI and I believe andover has them listed on their website. I also have about 75 Trane stats with one reciever on each floor never had any problems with signal unless batteries are low.

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    I have the wireless rig from Kele running in a factory, the transmitter is separated from the reciever about 150 ft, and through 16" concrete walls. The signal meter on the reciever shows 5 of 7 bars consistently. We use thois set-up on rental units, works great, just stick the stat on the wall with velcro and go.

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    We have had good luck with TRS Systems

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