We are planning to withdraw our 14 year old TRANE RTAA chiller 456 ton capacity (2 No chiller, each 228 ton total 456 ton,unit model RTAA 328) and replace with either same like air cooled chiller or new water cooled centrifugal chiller. We are advised by Mitsubishi to install ETI series 450 ton centrifugal chiller and the water cooled system shall have a power consumption of 0.8 KW against 1.6 KW the existing trane chiller. The additional investment of water cooled system can cover and pay back within 2.3 year by analyzing the local electrical and water cost. I would be interesting your valuable opinions,
1. Is better to replace same brand air cooled chiller
2. Comparison the centrifugal chillers of trane vs York vs Mitsubishi vs carrier.