i found out that California requires all tattoo body pierce people to go through a short training program , and no doubt a fee.


a long time ago a friend of mine opened a tattoo shop when he was 21.
he told me he gave some guy a tongue pierce and he hit the vein and the guy's blood was hitting his shoes.
"is that normal?"

the only requirement they demanded was he owned a sterilizing machine.
years in business and the health department never went there once.

i had to go through some BS just to handle refrigerant.
must be carefull ,after all , it is 70% mineral oil.

but now i realize how many careers require a permit from the government.
the government acts like they care about things but all they want is the money.


i feel sorry for the younger generation

Felipe graduates high school and decides to get a job as a security guard.
$$$ pay some company for guard training , and extra for mace, baton, and CPR.
$$$ pay the government to get a license
ends up making 6 bucks per hour working graveyard, reading a newspaper.

decides "screw this" and heard the forklift operator is a good job, that pays 18 per hour.
$$$ pay for training
$$$ pay for permit.
drop sister off a beauty school so she can get a licence to cut hair
instead of $18 per hour, they pay him $12 per hour
sick of being bossed around all day , he quits, decides to go back to security for a while

guard card now expired.
$$$ take classes again
$$$ pay the state again

he heard about a great job but doesn't have the money to get a truck CDL and needs to jump through all kinds of hoops just to drive a truck into a port.
...a port...wooooooo....the responsibility!

now he gets a job as pest control
$$$ needs training
$$$ needs a permit from the EPA to spray orange juice on termites.

whats next?
FCC training to answer phones and become a receptionist?
para legal training to fax documents?
hazardous materiel training to be a messenger?
$$$ pay the state
$$$ pay the state