I have just installed a new unit.
1. Trane XL16i 4 ton 2 speed. 4TWX6048G100A
2. Trane Hyperion TAM7A0C60H51SB
3. 10kw heat strip
4. Honeywell Prestige IAQ 2.0 thermostat
5. Honeywell EIM
6. Honeywell HZ432
7. (2) Honeywell TH6320R1004 Wireless FocusPro thermostat
8. Honeywell Redlink Gateway

House is in Central Florida and about 2600 sqf.

Currently have the system up and running(by local AC company which did a good install but not quit up to speed on the Honeywell products). My questions are:

1. From research I should not use Comfort-R(Enhanced Mode) but what about humidity on demand? I have been told that activating this function of the Honeywell IAQ will reduce the life of the HP. My installer told me that using the AH at a reduced rate(80%) and the HP at 2nd stage(dehumidification mode) will reduce the life of the HP(my main question).

2. I have 3 zones. A large family/living/dining(60% of total area), bedrooms(3 kids b/r on 2nd zone(30% of total area), and bonus room(10% of total area, but the largest heat load(outside walls on 4 sides and top and bottom)). Today I switched the HX432 from timed to zoned(I do not have dehumidification or Comfort-R enabled). Should I use TSTAT or %Zone for control of 2nd stage?

3. My ducting is the limiting factor(10 years old). Dip Switch S1-1 and S1-2 is set to on-off(4 ton). Dip Switch S2-1 and S2-2 is set to on-on(400cfm).

What are your ideas to make this system to operate most comfortable and efficient?