Hello everyone, I finally have a question that I feel is worthy of starting a new thread. We just put in a new syetem at a school. 15 ton split, I forgot to record model #'s but looked online and pretty sure it's a Rheem RHGM 15 ton a/h which is a slant coil) with two RPWL 7.5's. We had a leak in one of the circuits that was discovered at end of day so we left one condenser running while vacuuming the other overnight. Returned today and (this is where it gets interesting) found that water was dripping off about halfway down the evap coil and missing the drain pan completely. Boss thought it might have something to do with only one circuit running but it still happens with both condensers running. The building went w/o air for 3 weeks and there's ALOT of condensation but it still doesn't seem right. Never seen anything quite like this. I'm more of a resi guy so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance