Hello and thanks in advance for your assistance,

I have a six year old Goodman Compressor (model CLQ48-1B, or CL048-1B the data label is hard to read...) that may have developed a leak at the liquid line drier. One tech from the A/C company said the drier was not leaking after 30 minutes of testing with a Fluke digital freon sniffer (apologies if that's not the right term) and also a soap test. He said the Schrader valve caps were worn out and replaced them with new ones with inner seals. He wanted a second opinion and asked his supervisor to come out and check the next day.

This bloke also used a digital freon sniffer and said that the same drier was leaking. He also said that this model of Goodman compressor had the drier on the inside of the coils (next to the Copeland Scroll Compressor) and as such, it could not be drawn down and the freon would be have to be recycled and new virgin freon must be used to recharge the system. The first tech told me that the freon could be drawn down on the same unit, so who is right? Any Goodman installers/dealers out there? So, does anyone know if this unit can be drawn down or not? If so, it would save the cost of the freon at least. Since both of the tech's at this company are at odds as to whether you can draw down the freon and reuse it, I'm unsure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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