Hello all,

Our home has a floor ventilation system and we recently discovered water in the vents. It just so happens that the water pools under the A/C coils/furnace unit where it blows the cooled/heated air into the vents. One thought was that this water could be condensation running off the A/C coils and into the vents. I looked into the coil drainage pipe which drains directly into our sewage system and water is running through that pipe when the A/C unit is working, so I would think the condensation is being properly removed from the unit/house but I am not sure as I am not familiar with the construction of the coils and the pan under them.

Is it possible that some of the condensation could be running into the floor vents while some properly drains, or would you expect that condensation is properly removed if it is flowing out the unit drain pipe?

The company that installed the unit 2 years ago came out and checked and claims it is draining properly and the water is not from the unit, but I am just wondering if they were covering their rear.