I have to make a decision between Rheem and Trane within the next day or so and I'd appreciate any feedback.

I have a townhouse built in 1988 that still has the original Rheem furnace and A/C (2 ton I think). This is now a rental unit, so due to conversion expense, I'm stuck with an 80% unit. I've had 4 estimates (including NJ PSE&G) and no one has done a load calc... all say I don't need it. Closest thing that was done is 2 contractors took measurements of the downstairs (said they didn't need to go upstairs). I don't have time for more estimates, so I've decided based on who I think is the best contractor (A+ BBB). These numbers included all costs, including permits (Trane is approx $60 more then Rheem)...

XL80 2-Stage (TUD2B060A9362A)
XB13 2.5 ton Condenser (4TTB3030E1000A)
XB series Coil (4FXCB036AC3CAA)


3 ton 13 Seer Cased Coil (RCFL-HM3617CC)
2.5 ton Value Series 13 Seer Condensing Unit (13AJA30A01)
RGPQ 2-Stage (75,000 BTU)

Note: Furnaces are not variable speed... the extra cost is not justified in a rental unit.