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    Settling the climate change debate once and for all, I guess...

    (The wise men of modern thought) adore a god made of putty or of wax - plastic, effeminate, molluscous, with no masculine faculty about him, and no quality that entitles him to the respect of just and honest men, for a being who cannot be angry at wrongdoing is destitute of one of the essential virtues, and a moral Ruler who is not angry with the wicked, and who refuses to punish crime, is not divine. ---Spurgeon

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    They lie about the weather to!!!!.
    Never argue with a crazy man.

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    other planets in out solar system are experiencing melting of polar caps.

    the jig is up

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    Did we not have a thread about this around half a year ago?
    Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. —Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
    Did we not have a thread about this around half a year ago?
    Yeah printer and it's about time that you start to catch on here. I know you are a slow learner from Canada and all but geez wake up.
    Thank you, thank you very much
    “I could have ended the war in a month. I could have made North Vietnam look like a mud puddle."
    "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution."
    Barry Goldwater

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