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The HVAC system in my house runs (blowing air) nonstop for at least 12-15 hours straight without a break per day from about the second or third week in June, thru July & August; and, from the beginning of December thru the end of February. The rest of the times on those days it cycles, but during the times I mentioned, it does nothing but run nonstop. And the worst thing about it is that even with all that runtime, the house is always cold in the winter, and always hot in the worst of the summer. I think running 12-15 hours without cycling is miserable. I hate having it blowing on me all the time, and even in the summer it is very dry. At night in the worst of the summer, even with the air running, I wake up in the middle of the night and wet my body down with water before I go and lay under a ceiling fan.

The house has two 3-ton electric heat pump systems. . . one for upstairs and one for down. In the summer the downstairs is bearable but the upstairs is always hot. In the winter, both the up and downstairs are uncomfortably freezing cold, and the heat strips are running 100% of the 12-hour stretches I mentioned above. Over the last ten years that I've lived here, my electric bill in a house with only two people living in it is an average of $400-$500 per month, and we are ALWAYS either too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter. It's not only miserable, but it's also embarassing to ever have people over and watch them either shiver or sweat & pant.

Every HVAC person I ever have come here tells me something different. One says that my 3-ton systems are perfectly fine. He did a temperature-drop measurement of the air entering the air handler vs the air exiting the air handler, and swears all is well, and to just suck it up as far as being miserable is concerned. Another two companies told me that my systems are way undersized, and that I need two new 4-ton units. Another two companies told me that 4-ton units are oversized and that I need two 3.5-ton units. Everything I read on here says that the load calc is VERY precise and must be done by a professional. When I confront the HVAC people with the many differing sizing recommendations from all of them, they tend to just say something like "Well, you could go with 3-ton, or 3.5-ton, or 4-ton. . . It's really up to you".
ok, Im going to assume you do not live in death valley, and you do not have a glass house.
can you give us your location, your home design (number of windows and how large, and which direction they face) and the Gross square footage on each floor and how much overlap between them. also, describe the upstairs, the access, and the ceilings.
describe your roof, and attic ventilation as well. also, the shading around your house, and the overhang/soffit design.