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    Replacing a Carrier condensing unit with a Goodman?

    Ok, I'm buying a home that hasn't been lived in for 3 years.

    It has a 2.5 ton Carrier R-22 unit that is about 10 years old. The condenser coil has a large gash in it.

    One A/C company suggested replacing the entire outside condensing unit with a 2.5 ton Goodman model while leaving the Carrier air handling unit inside the house intact.

    I didn't ask, but they did not mention changing the evaporator coils to R-410A, so I assume is will not be replaced and it will still be a R-22 unit.

    Any opinion on mix and matching brands? This contractor said this is my least costly option.


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    It can be done as long as the metering device is changed out with the job to a TXV that is designed for R-410a. I'm going to be honest though, if you plan on bing happy with the long term outcome of this repair, I would take this opportunity to change the indoor unit as well to ensure you get the proper efficiency.

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    I'm guessing they are talking about a dry unit they'll fill with R22. Is the system empty? Did this gash cause a leak? If not, I'd likely leave it alone and save up to do it right in a few years.

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    Yes, the gash caused a leak. There isn't any refigerant left in the system and the coils are stained from the oil leaking out.

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    If the tonnages are the same and they look like they are, you should be fine on paper. In reality it depends on how they install it and try to get all the moisture out. It's all about the install.

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    Cheapest and best options are never the same.People selling homes want cheapest short term. Those buying a home should be looking at long term value instead of short term cost. For not a lot more you can replace the whole system and get a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

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    Baldloonie: I'm guessing they are talking about a dry unit they'll fill with R22.
    R-22 is high dollar; there are some substitute refrigerants like (R-438A) it's one of the most versatile R-22 replacement refrigerants. It combines R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used in R-22 replacement over a wide range of evaporator temperatures.

    I'd compare costs & other factors...
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    I agree with martyinlincoln. Since you are buying the home you should be looking long term. Your best decision would be to go ahead and replace outdoor unit and new air handler. It's only a 2.5 ton so the cost won't be too bad. By the time u pay for a dry r22 unit and refrigerant you could almost buy a whole system. Then u will have comfort and peace of mind and updated equipment with r-410a and a new fresh warranty for 10years.

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    Lets just hack a goodman on it .if its a heat pump there could be mix match issues if its a gas furnace should replace the coil and condenser . Wonder why they dont want to put a carrier back on it .if the system has set empty of refrigerant for a extended period of time i would want a new coil any way

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