other than personal experience is there any way to figure how many personnel are needed to provide full service to a facility.

i need to justify and prove a need to hire more personnel

the facility is 1,500,000 sq ft there are 4 chillers in a central plant and 5 cooling towers providing 2500 tons capacity. there are 120 air handlers they are 18 to 20 ton.
there are about 150 vav boxes. the system is all controlled by pneumatic controlls and 7 day 24 hr mechanical time clocks for all air handlers. all air handlers are suspended above a grid ceiling and access to do p.m. is difficult due to not having room to get to the access doors or motors. there are also 12 50 ton roof top ahus and 30 ventilators.

operational hours are 14 hours per day 7 days a week. the contract states that there will be someone on site at all times of operation. all equiptment is to be on a 3 month p.m. schedule along with daily checks and logs of chillers, cooling towers all rooftop equiptment, compressors, water meters, and chemicals. tower cleaning on a weekly schedule.

the average age of equiptment is about 30 years old, and has been poorly maintained for about the last 8 to 10 years.

along with the preventative maintenance we are also required to do all service calls. there are about an average of 2 service calls per day.

i would like to know if there is any standard formula or guidelines to calculate and prove staffing needs for this facility.

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