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    Ferris State Bachelors


    Let me first give you some background about myself. I have been working for a residential company for the past two years helping with installs and now getting into service. I am also currently attending a community college for HVAC/R and have been considering transfering to Ferris State to earn a bachelors degree in HVAC/R. I have utilized the search function on this site and have heard nothing but great reviews of the school, but I also have some questions.

    I am trying to look into the future, and see where I want to be with my career. I enjoy what I am doing now, but when I get older (I am 22 now) I don't want to be crawling around in attics and crawlspaces. In school we have been talking about the different avenues that this industry provides. We have discussed controls programming, system design, etc. and all those topics have peaked my interest. I have no experience in either of those fields, but I am curious if going to Ferris will adequately prepare me for a job in controls or design for example. From what I understand, you can not become a PE with the degree because it it not an accredited school. Does that affect the job offers you receive?

    I'm unclear on what kind of jobs are available with a bachelors degree from Ferris. What kind of companies do graduates end up working for? I do not want to spend all the money and time to realize that I may simply get a raise and still be working in the field. Are manufacturers or engineering firms looking for people with the skills and knowledge Ferris provides? I read on the site that you have to complete an internship which will help you get experience, and hopefully turn into job offer. I'm am really looking into this program and if I can get some advice I would appreciate it!

    Thanks for your help!

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    An adjuct teacher of mine is a graduate of Ferris. He seems to have a stable job as a commercial tech with a mom and pop company. If you want to be more than a tech the next degree probably is mechanical engineering.

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    I agree I think an engineering degree would get you out of the crawl space. I think there are programs that you can go through specifically to train as a controls programmer and then apply for certification without having to get a degree.

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