I'm wondering if there's anybody out there that is familiar with the Connecticut S2 unlimited journey person test put on by psi exams? I recently took it and failed though I gained good knowledge of what to expect the next time I take it, but Id like to know from someone who's passed it what are the best books to have to pass the test and what areas to focus on. Of course, psi gives an outline of the test but I found that even though I have the Mechanical and Fuel gas code books that they allow that there were many questions on the test that I could not find in the code books. I'm certainly not looking to cheat in any way, I just want to feel like I prepared well based on knowing what material is important and what is not as it pertains to this particular test. I would love to take the prep course from IMTI in Waterbury but not for $500. I guess that will be a last resort if I cannot find the information I'm looking for to better prepare. Any insight by CT S2 holders would be greatly appreciated. I accidentally posted this in the controls section originally.