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    On suction lines 7/8” OD and larger, the
    surface temperature may vary slightly
    around the circumference of the line. On
    these lines, it is generally recommended that
    the bulb be installed at 4 or 8 o’clock on the
    side of the horizontal line, and parallel with
    respect to the direction of flow. On smaller
    lines the bulb may be mounted at any point
    around the circumference, however locating
    the bulb on the bottom of the line is not
    recommended as an oil-refrigerant mixture
    is generally present at that point.
    The above from Sporlan 10-11.

    Field experience says that the 'clock' position doesn't matter a whole lot. A good insulation wrap means more than quibbling over 2 o'clock vs 3 o'clock and gets you to beer o'clock a whole lot faster.

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    With some applications, mounting the sensing bulb outside is the only option. Here's a link covering the vertical issue.

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