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Forgive me... I don't want to be rude... but I don't see how this response has any bearing on my situation or helps to answer my question. Thanks anyway.
Well, it was not actually meant for your situation, & no you shouldn't ask them about it, we already know what they'd say. We often cite examples; sorry I offended you.

Concerning your situation, I pulled inspection permits on every job I did & I always run the new whip from the disconnect, never had a complaint by an inspector; every contractor I knew did it.

Perhaps some codes don't allow it except by licensed electricians; as long as it's done in total accord with the code, I don't see the need for a code adding the expense of a sub to do it; it's very simple on residential jobs. IMO, the HVAC code inspector should be required to check the electrical as to code from the main breakers.