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    Confused Need AC Help. (Newbie)

    I have a new unit that is 1 year old. Today the house want seem to cool. Air coming from vents feel cool but the thermostat want drop below 79. The compressor is blowing warm air out side. I notice that the copper line has a good bit of condensation next to the unit. I also changed the batteries on the thermostat today. I am looking at getting a programmable thermostat which one should I get.

    Thanks for the help.

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    from your description it sounds like the system is working, but not well enough to cool your house. I'd look over the house, check for things like dirty filter, and then look for leaking windows, insulation in the attic, ventilation in the attic, or other reasons why there is more heat entering the house than the a/c can remove.
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    Changing the thermostat is NOT likely to compensate for poor system performance. CALL A Mechanical Contractor who knows how to diagnose performance issues.
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    Thanks for the replies..... I purchased a programmable thermostat today. The brand is a Comfortstat Touch 1. Was that a good choice?

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