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    UL 864 Smoke Ratings

    Folks, Do any of you have specific knowledge and practice with the UL 864 smoke rating on respective bas systems.
    We are looking at changing out an old ddc product and installing a Johnson controls system.
    The existing system has inputs from the building fa system which then sequences the supply and return fans, stairwell pressurization systems and individual smoke dampers designed to pressurize and evacuate the smoke from respective floors

    The only Johnson Product we see that is smoke rated is the MS version of the FEC

    Can anyone confirm if the supervisory controller has to be UL rated as well even if its not perfoming any specific smoke related functions.

    Also, if we have other controllers on the same bus which only perform hvac functions , do they also have to be UL rated ?

    Any input would be huge....


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    Basically it's up to the AHJ.

    I dealt with some stuff and they wanted a letter from the county fire dept proving such and more. In the end the inspector basically told us, as long as it works as the Sequence states then it'd be passed. This was a very unique application though. Also on this the main controller was listed but the 'accessory' I/O modules weren't. The 'monitored' points that had to do with fire/smoke shutdown were not wired to the accessory I/O modules though.
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