Well I don't know if its the heat or something else but on Thursday my 3 month old HS36 wouldn't read amps correctly. Its auto ranging and reads numbers with a decimal point, the M and K symbol flash on and off while it hunts through the range. Never used to do that, before it was turn to VAC, hook on clamp and read amps. Tried resetting, changing batteries. Pretty much every tip I could find on line, no joy. But hey I'll use an amp clamp from my friends hs33 !
Well **** me sideways the readings were still goofy, I thought okay, button up and call fieldpiece. No answer, hhmmmm. anyway right as I was pulling the leads out the common pin inside the head attachment came off!!!
Great, just great.

Now to cap things off I tested it again on my own a/c unit at home Thursday night, put the magnetic strap on the back onto the condenser (as I have done a thousand times with hs33 and this meter) and promptly watched my meter fall to the ground!!


Friday morning bought another HS36 from J-mart, a tech without a meter is like a Dr. without a stethoscope.

BTW i bought another HS36 because I have a bunch of head attachments, fan, gas pressure, Co detector, flame diode, amp clamp, K-type thermoclamp etc. Switching to Fluke just isn't practical at this point.