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OK, making sure I am not misunderstanding something here - the facts my ducts are in the ceiling (lowered) and not in the attic itself is just as bad as being in the attic? Aside from the pipes/wires to the existing air handler - there is nothing else up in the attic. Everything is below the drywall under the studs. I should still expect a huge hit on efficiency when it is installed from what's its rated nonetheless?
No, that is not what I was saying at all. Please read the following carefully. Ducts and HVAC equipment that are not in the attic perform much better than ducts that are in the attic. What this equates to is that a 13 SEER matched system can perform better with ducts inside the condo than a 14 SEER with ducts in a hot attic.

The different installers are giving the run around telling me what works and what doesn't without providing certificates. I've now had 4 different people tell me something's approved that the certificate doesn't exist for or First Company says doesn't work. It's kinda frustrating actually - I would think they would want to sell me an approved system if they are listed as authorized resellers of the different manufactures. Goodman manufactoring's rep said they couldnt tell me anything about workable combinations, I would have to speak to their authorized resllers and provided me three in the area - one of which is the one claiming false ratings and matches we already know cant work! So weird.

I'm hesitant to have someone come in an install something if they can't be honest up front. I've not haggled any of the quotes cost wise and don't really intend to. I never thought replacing the AC with an approved combination would be so frustrating.
Earlier in the thread above, you said this:

First Company confirmed it will not work. The max they can get is SEER 13 with their units to a different outdoor unit.
This is what made me emphasis 13 SEER being a viable option for you since your ducts are inside the condo vs. in the attic. If First Company has documentation that indicates which outdoor unit(s), at 13 SEER, will work with their fan coil, get a copy of that and show it to your bidding contractors. I know you want 14 SEER; what I'm saying is that with your ducts and fan coil inside the house, you will likely get better performance at 13 SEER than an equivalent sized 14 SEER system with ducts and air handler in the attic. Also keep in mind you are jumping from 8 SEER to 13, which is a big leap. Your old condenser probably had a reciprocating compressor and condenser coil surface area barely big enough to manage its load. The 13 SEER equipment use scroll compressors and have much larger condenser coils to reject heat and keep operating pressures in the outdoor section reduced (which translates to higher efficiency).