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    My home has a 4-ton package heat pump, at one end of the long house. The return duct is 24" diameter sheet metal, and runs over half the length of the house, in the crawl space. It is fed by two grilles in the wall, each using a 20x25 filter. These grilles are in the same hallway, only about 10' apart.

    I am reworking a bedroom, and I would like to remove one return to gain space in the closet. The return which is farther from the unit does not seem to move much air, so I suspect that two are not needed. Is this worth pursuing?

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    surely not needed...they had extra metal and an extra grille laying around.

    you serious Clark?

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    Air tends to take the path of least resistance,that's why the closer one moves more air.

    One 20X25 is not a large enough grille for 4 tons of air.

    What size duct connects the 24" round to each of the return grilles?

    You could possibly move the second return to another location,or better yet have returns designed and installed in all rooms but baths and kitchen.

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    Thanks Dash. The portion in the closet is 15" deep, and connects to the grille just above the floor. So, it's 15x20 at the floor, and does a right angle to connect to the grille. Looks as though I need to leave it alone.

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