I'm probably sticking my neck on the chopping block here, but here goes anyhow.

Has anyone here really worked with adaptive integral action control loops? I see these are a feature on the Honeywell
spyders and most of the larger controls companies have some sort of likewise offering.

Now I have spent a many few years dealing with PID loops and I like to think I have a good understanding of what flavour to pick and how to set one up. Then this AIA thing comes along and presents itself as another option.
My problem is that whoever I ask, either has not heard of them or keeps well away because they are in the same boat as me and do not really know enough about them, so I stay in a kind of limbo; not wanting to risk using them on a floor full of fan coil units in case it all goes wrong.

I did pick up a snippet of info once that their real benefit is in VAV terminal unit volume damper control. I could see this point, as I have many times witnessed the ever hunting belimo actuator on vav unit trying to keep a stable airflow when supplied by a badly installed primary air supply. the deadband and minimum analog output feature could well settle the actuator down and allow a small amount of offset to exist.

A Google search returns fairly sparse results in regard to HVAC applications.

Does anybody have any feedback?