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    Here’s my situation: Been in current house in SE Michigan about 4 years. House has a Rheem Criterion 80+ furnace that is about 10 years old. AC compressor is a very old Carrier unit (I would guess about 20 years old). The compressor is old, rusted, and loud. The furnace seems to be in good shape, except that about 4 years ago the basement flooded and it was in 2 feet of water (over the circuit board but below the burner) for several hours. We had it checked by a large local contractor and they said it was fine. Heat and AC seem to be working fine at present. I know the AC needs to be replaced, but given the history on the furnace, should I consider replacing it at the same time? Would prices for AC be any less going into the cooler months than they would be in Spring? Thanks for your input.

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    That's up to you & your budget. The Critter is a good furnace, we've yet to lose a heat exchanger. If you want to upgrade to 90, there's a reason to change. If you are looking to replace the outdoor unit, consider a heat pump and be dual fuel. The heat pump runs cheaply in mild weather and the gas runs in cold weather. We've found in our area, just south of you, that 80 & heat pump is definitely cheaper heat than 90 & straight cool.

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