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    Part M1 for Carrier Programmable Thermidistat

    It's from about 2003, and I think model TSTATCCPRH01-B

    I broke it, well a little, though it still seems to run AC OK - while displaying E5.
    I bent H1 on the back of the card and broke off one of the leads.
    If I could buy the three-terminal device with leads, I could solder it onto the old leads.
    What is H1, and is there any way to buy a replacement?

    There are more identifying pictures at
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    Isn't "H1" the humidity sensor? Do you get a humidity reading at the stat now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Failure2Comply View Post
    Isn't "H1" the humidity sensor? Do you get a humidity reading at the stat now?
    Right, I should have checked that. There is now no humidity reading, or outside temperature reading, either.

    Is there some place to buy the sensor?

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    Here's a picture of it, legless, as you can see.
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    If you knew the exact values, you could purchase the parts you need I'm sure. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt Carrier will provide that information as they would then be encouraging you to repair a product that is not meant to be repaired. So, the first question is, why were you even playing with the thermostat? And the second question is, why don't you just purchase a new one?
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    There has always been a mechanical problem with the hinged door. It doesn't close all the way and doesn't stay clipped shut. I took it apart several times to try to fix it, and I did.

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    HIH-3610 shows up easily enough as a Honeywell product.
    Didn't find it for sale at Digi-Key but will call them Monday morning.

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