I went back today to change the filters and do a followup check and belt adjustment on the unit.
No PD through the SL filter drier, so I'm taking the lazy rout and leaving it.
That roughly 1:1 blower drive ratio is pretty hard on the belt, I had to adjust quite a bit of slack out of it after only 2 months. Looks like I'll have to keep on top of that every filter change.
I put a Gates HighPowerII belt on it, but I'm having 2nd thoughts on that choice...

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Oh and the clearance to that roof as well as that wall built around the unit? Theres no way you getting high dicharge pressures/temps.
The roof doesn't actually extend past the halfway point of the unit, there is very little recirculation under most wind conditions, but it may be pretty bad when the wind is blowing out of the west.